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Skills and Educator Application

Calling all educators and skill demonstrators.  The International Puppy and Trainer contest  is looking for you to join us for the 2024 IPTC Pet Play weekend events of April 4th - 7th 2024 in Chicago, IL.


This year we will be holding a full weekend of events as we take over the Center on Halsted with a full vendor mart, Classes and Demos, Daily Moshing, and the 2024 contest.  We are looking for individuals to join us in helping the community by sharing your knowledge and experiences in any Pup/Pet, Kink, or life skills relevant to attendees.  We are also looking for demonstrators to do interactive demos in the center space of the main auditorium and vendor mart.

All submissions will be reviewed and if approved you will receive an approval letter from the board.  In cases of duplicate class/demo's selections will be made on a first-come basis.


Educators will be given a Weekend pass to the 2024 Pet Play Weekend, IPTC Contest entry can be purchased separately.  All educators will be responsible for bringing any materials, gear, and tools used for the class or demo.

Join us and show the community what you got!

Thanks for submitting to the Skills and Education program

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