International Puppy and Trainer Expectations of Titleholders


•    The International Puppy and Trainer titleholders are expected to represent the Puppy and Trainer community and be ambassadors of inclusion and diversity. Titleholders are expected to act and conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively on themselves and the community that they have been chosen to represent.

•    Titleholders and producers/owners are not to misrepresent themselves or their accomplishments. Honesty and integrity are tenets of the pet community and should be a priority all times.

•    The winners may not compete in any Other leather/rubber/puppy/pet/fetish contests during their title year, as this would likely conflict with their responsibilities and obligations to IPTC. 

•    The winners are required to return the following year to the IPTC contest and give a step-down speech and transfer the title sash to the new elected titleholder. They will also server as Tallymaster for that contest

•    The winners will also return the subsequent year to the IPTC contest and serve as Judge.

•    Titleholders are encouraged to appear at other leather, puppy, pet, rubber/latex, and fetish/bdsm events during their title year. They should use their best judgment as to which events will best represent IPTC and the community.

•    The titleholders should maintain regular and frequent contact (at least monthly) with the IPTC Board to assist in planning and promotion, and provide regular updates on the website and social media.