International Puppy and Trainer Contest  (IPTC) is committed to making its events a safe and welcoming environment for all adults (18 years and older).  IPTC wants each attendee to understand that diversity and inclusion are active choices and not just passive assumptions.  

Our space is open and welcoming to all Human Pets, Trainers, Handlers, Owners, Admirers, and those expressing curiosity about the scene in a respectful manner. In order to achieve the reality of inclusion, several concepts must be considered, and several must be actualized.  

These concepts must be present and adhered to in our events, feeders, staff, volunteers, educators, judges, titleholders, and contestants.

We know that unity comes from creating cultures that support and affirm access to inclusive and diverse spaces, so be sure to check your run books for shared values and other guides. 

Together we’re continuing to create something excellent in pet play communities around the world.


Inclusion & Diversity Policies and Agreements

IPTC affirms an inclusive, diverse pet player community. We are committed to building inclusive spaces and events. We are participants in the ever-evolving leather and kink communities which values authenticity, sovereignty, and joy. We believe it is our duty to actively work toward greater inclusivity within our communities. Toward that end, we affirm the following policies and commitments and ask that you do the same:


  1. I understand that IPTC is and must be intentionally inclusive and affirming. All people have inherent worth and the right to choose to participate regardless of perceived or actual personal qualities, orientations, or associations.

    1. My attendance and participation supports and affirms inclusion. I understand that if my actions (digital or in-person) are found in violation of this I will be dismissed from this event.

  2. We respect and welcome all persons regardless of color, ethnicity, age, ability, religion, size, class, perceived or actual sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. 

    1. My attendance and participation supports and affirms respect. I understand that if my actions (digital or in-person) are found in violation of this I will be dismissed from this event. 

  3. We strongly reject any form of exclusion or marginalizing of people. Racism, classism, sexism, enforced heteronormativity, and ableism are not tolerated. We affirm our commitment to cultivating inclusive people and groups that support all members of the community. 

    1. My attendance and participation supports and affirms Anti-racism and Tolerance. I understand that if my actions (digital or in-person) are found in violation of this I will be dismissed from this event.

  4.  Spaces we host and control are safe and consent-based spaces. Unsafe behaviors and words that target or marginalize people including but not limited to racism, sexism, ageism, classism, transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia, ethnicism, sizeism, ableism and other prejudicial and discriminatory behaviors will not be tolerated. 

    1. My attendance and participation supports and affirms safe and consensual communities. I understand that if my actions (digital or in-person) are found in violation of this I will be dismissed from this event.


Please see our Code of Conduct for more information on how to actualize these values you’ve agreed to uphold. We welcome feedback from our community to help us continually act in the service of all community members, and we are committed to listening. 


Decolonizing Statement

As part of acting in alignment with our core values, IPTC is committed to taking actions toward decolonizing our actions, events, and spaces. 

We recognize we are operating on lands and using resources stolen from the Indigenous peoples of Chicago/Illinois. Specifically, we would like to acknowledge that we are on the ancestral lands of the  Ojibwe, Odawa, and Potawatomi,  Miami, Ho-Chunk, Menominee, Sac, and Fox tribes, with many more Tribes and peoples being present.

Code of Conduct

IPTC wants each attendee to understand that consent, inclusion, and safety are active choices and not just passive assumptions.To help with this understanding, we have put together a few basic guidelines and things to remember:



Always ask for permission to touch people and/or their property.  

  • To help make things easier, IPTC has provided three color-coded wristbands. Green: hugs and social touching is ok. Yellow: ask before any physical contact. Red: Please no touching or hugs. Let me initiate any contact/touching.

 If someone is without a wristband or their wristband isn't visible, always assume that verbal consent is required.  

Sexual or suggestive contact should always be negotiated.

This space is provided to help all in attendance to explore and enjoy the Human Pet scene. Those who share our space need to be aware that there may be blatant displays of kink and sexuality. If this kind of open environment is of concern, we would recommend that you not attend.

If you have concerns about consent or possible violations, please contact any member of staff.



Discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated.

Do not shame the interests of others (sexual or otherwise) in word, action, or behavior.

Do not shame people’s bodies or self-expression in word, action, or behavior.

​This includes but no limited to: racism, sexism, transphobia, ageism, fatphobia, xenophobia, misogyny, ableism, and any form social exclusion.



Do not photograph anyone who has not given you express consent. Do not tag people on social media without their express consent. There is an event photographer who will be taking photos and doing their best to blur out those who do not consent and those that don’t wish to have their photos taken which will be wearing a red badge.

  • Be mindful that not everyone has the luxury of having home and work lives that are safe from discrimination.

  • If you accidentally snap someone in the background, crop or edit them out.