Code of Conduct

Last Modified: January 14, 2024

IPTC wants each attendee to understand that consent, inclusion, and safety are active choices and not just passive assumptions.

  • Harassment
    • Harassment is NOT tolerated by IPTC and is considered a serious breach of this Code of Conduct.
    • NO means NO – if someone tells you no, you must respect that and comply immediately.
    • Do not deliberately threaten, intimidate, stalk, or follow anyone.
  • Consent
    • Always ask for permission to touch people and/or their property. To help make things easier, IPTC provides three color-coded wristbands:
      • Green: hugs and social touching is ok.
      • Yellow: ask before any physical contact.
      • Red: Please no touching or hugs. Let me initiate any contact/touching.
    • If someone is without a wristband or their wristband isn’t visible, always assume that verbal consent is required.
    • Sexual or suggestive contact should always be negotiated. Unwelcome sexual attention is harassment.
    • This space is provided to help all in attendance to explore and enjoy the Human Pet scene. Those who share our space need to be aware that there may be blatant displays of kink and sexuality. If this kind of open environment is of concern, we would recommend that you not attend.
    • If you have concerns about consent or possible violations, please contact any member of staff.
  • Inclusion
    • Discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated.
    • Do not shame the interests of others (sexual or otherwise) in word, action, or behavior.
    • Do not shame people’s bodies or self-expression in word, action, or behavior.
    • This includes but no limited to: racism, sexism, transphobia, ageism, fatphobia, xenophobia, misogyny, ableism, and any form of social exclusion.
  • Photography
    • Do not photograph anyone who has not given you express consent.
    • Do not tag people on social media without their express consent.
    • There is an event photographer who will be taking photos and doing their best to blur out those who do not consent and those that don’t wish to have their photos taken which will be wearing a red badge.
    • Be mindful that not everyone has the luxury of having home and work lives that are safe from discrimination.
    • If you accidentally snap someone in the background, crop or edit them out.
  • Alcohol and Controlled Substances
    • Alcoholic beverages are only permitted in the event space if sold by or served from the provider licensed for on-site consumption.
    • IPTC has a zero-tolerance policy regarding illegal substances. Any person found to be selling or otherwise distributing any controlled substance will be immediately removed from the event and reported to local authorities.
  • Weapons and Replicas
    • No functioning or realistic appearing firearm may be carried or displayed at any time, regardless of any government permits you may possess. 
    • Projectile devices or props, which may cause annoyance to others, are not allowed.

Reporting and Enforcement

If you witness, are subject to, or have questions about unacceptable behavior, please seek out an IPTC Staff member (wearing an IPTC Staff lanyard). IPTC Staff will keep any reports confidential.

If individuals or groups are found in violation of this Code of Conduct, our Diversity & Inclusion Policy, or Terms and Conditions, after an investigation by IPTC Executive Staff/Board of Directors, they may be warned, immediately dismissed from the event without refund, or if the infraction is serious enough the authorities may be contacted.

If you have ANY needs or concerns not addressed here, please seek out a Contest Producer, Staff Member, or email us at [email protected]. Producers and Staff are empowered to do what is necessary to make this the best IPTC yet.

To enter this website you must be at least 18 years old.