Mosh Rules

Last Modified: January 14, 2024

  • By participating in the mosh, you agree to abide by these rules.
  • Absolutely no sexual acts will be tolerated at the mosh. This includes masturbation, exposing yourself, unwanted groping, or any penetrative acts.
  • Consent
    • Consent must be respected at all times. If a fellow mosher indicates they do not wish to engage with you, you must respect that and give them their space.
    • A mosh can contain lots of physical contact or suggestive contact. For safety and consent reasons, genitals must be covered while moshing.
    • This space is provided to help all in attendance to explore and enjoy the Human Pet scene. Those who share our space need to be aware that there may be blatant displays of kink and sexuality as well as physical contact. If this kind of open environment is of concern, we would recommend that you not participate in the main mosh.
    • If you have concerns about consent or possible violations afer you have indicated to a fellow mosher that you do not wish to engage, please contact any mosh guard.
    • We will provide a non physical mosh space outside of the main room of the mosh.  This space is for those that request no physical contact, but can play in headspace with other pups/pets using balls, toys and pup/pet voices.
  • Inclusion
    • Respect your fellow moshers! This Mosh space welcomes all pet play enthusiasts, of all identities and sexualities.
    • Discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated.
    • Do not shame the interests of others (sexual or otherwise) in word , action, or behavior.
    • Do not shame people’s bodies or self-expression in word, action, or behavior.
    • This includes but no limited to: racism, sexism, transphobia, ageism, fatphobia, xenophobia, misogyny, ableism, and any form social exclusion.
  • Safety
    • Listen to all directives from the Mosh Guards. They’re here to make sure everyone is safe and having a good time.
    • Take breaks when needed. Hydration is important! Also please notify the Mosh host if you have any allergies, some handlers have snacks for pups/pets that we can have withheld if needed. If you need assistance, flag down a Mosh Guard for help.
    • No shoes, sneakers, boots, or hard footwear will be allowed on the Mosh Mats at any time, both for safety and to help keep the mats clean. No spikes or sharp protrusions from collars, hoods or gear are allowed. We strongly recommend you have soft knee pads on to mosh!
  • No standing on Mosh Mats if you are not moshing.
  • Do not photograph anyone who has not given you express consent. Do not tag people on social media without their express consent. There is an event photographer who will be taking photos. Be mindful that not everyone has the luxury of having home and work lives that are safe from discrimination, If you accidentally snap someone in the background, crop or edit them out.
  • Have Fun!

If you have ANY needs or concerns not addressed here, please seek out a Contest Producer, Staff Member, or email us at [email protected]. Producers and Staff are empowered to do what is necessary to make this the best IPTC yet.

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