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IPTC International Puppy and Trainer Contest

The International Puppy & Trainer Contest (IPTC) is meant to be the pinnacle of the human-pet play community for the International Community. The contest, its producers, titleholders, and staff lead as an example of what it is to be of service to the alternative lifestyle community around the world.

IPTC Core Values

Equity and Accessibility

As much as possible all IPTC events, communications, policies, and procedures will support and affirm equity and accessibility for its members to pet play information and resources. 

Where needed and possible we supply language, transportation, space accessibility, pronoun, anti-racism, and inclusion resources, guidelines, and training. 


Joy and Sovereignty

Pet play, along with any other types of play, are activities that should bring you happiness. We see modern pet play as a true expression of joy. We feel this is a critical value to support in times like these and encourage all to remember this value in their daily life and play.


The concept of sovereignty guides us in policy creation and attendee relations. Sovereignty means that each person is the property of one's self, expressed as the natural right of a person to have bodily integrity, and to be the exclusive controller of one's own body and life.

IPTC uses personal and group autonomy and sovereignty to guide its rules and policies. 


Shared language

As much as possible we ask that our attendees use gender- and role-neutral language. This is done so that everyone is welcome to participate regardless of gender, gender expression, relationship status, or role. 

For example: we say “Friends and Family”, “All Ya’ll”, “Critters and Comrades”, “Paws and People” (We also encourage and endorse creative alliteration ).  

We do not say “Ladies and Gentlemen” or other gender exclusive statements when addressing groups. IPTC welcomes everyone and using gender and role neutral language as our default helps build safe spaces and encourages the values of equity and accessibility.

Pronoun Flags

We utilize pronoun tags to communicate regardless of headspace or proximity. (i.e.- people in altered headspace can be properly identified non-verbally or if they are across the room). This cultivates a culture that is pronoun-aware, which in turn creates safe spaces for our friends and family. There are badge pronoun tags (He/She/They and “My pronouns are…” ) available at registration that adhere to your badge.

IPTC Code of Conduct

IPTC wants each attendee to understand that consent, inclusion, and safety are active choices and not just passive assumptions.To help with this understanding, we have put together a few basic guidelines and things to remember:



Always ask for permission to touch people and/or their property.  

  • To help make things easier, IPTC has provided three color-coded wristbands. Green: hugs and social touching is ok. Yellow: ask before any physical contact. Red: Please no touching or hugs. Let me initiate any contact/touching.

 If someone is without a wristband or their wristband isn't visible, always assume that verbal consent is required.  

Sexual or suggestive contact should always be negotiated.

This space is provided to help all in attendance to explore and enjoy the Human Pet scene. Those who share our space need to be aware that there may be blatant displays of kink and sexuality. If this kind of open environment is of concern, we would recommend that you not attend.

If you have concerns about consent or possible violations, please contact any member of staff.



Discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated.

Do not shame the interests of others (sexual or otherwise) in word, action, or behavior.

Do not shame people’s bodies or self-expression in word, action, or behavior.

​This includes but no limited to: racism, sexism, transphobia, ageism, fatphobia, xenophobia, misogyny, ableism, and any form of social exclusion.



Do not photograph anyone who has not given you express consent. Do not tag people on social media without their express consent. There is an event photographer who will be taking photos and doing their best to blur out those who do not consent and those that don’t wish to have their photos taken which will be wearing a red badge.

  • Be mindful that not everyone has the luxury of having home and work lives that are safe from discrimination.

  • If you accidentally snap someone in the background, crop or edit them out.

Policy Violations

If individuals or groups are found in violation of the Code of Conduct or the Diversity & Inclusion Policies after an investigation by IPTC Executive Staff/ Board of Directors they will be immediately dismissed from the event without refund. 


If you have ANY needs or concerns not addressed here please seek out a contest producer or staff member. They are empowered to do everything within their power and ability to make this the best IPTC yet.

We care about you. IPTC cares about you.
Have a wonderful weekend

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