Vendor Information

Welcome to the gateway of unparalleled opportunities to join the excitement and support the International Puppy & Trainer Contest 2024 as a valued vendor or sponsor. 

This is your exclusive entry point into a world where innovation, diversity, and community converge. We invite vendors and sponsors to be part of an event that transcends boundaries, celebrating the vibrant spirit of pup play on a global stage. Seize the chance to align your brand with creativity and inclusivity, as you contribute to the success of the International Puppy & Trainer Contest, forging meaningful connections and leaving an indelible mark on this exceptional experience. Embrace the future of partnership and collaboration by signing up today to play a pivotal role in one of the most anticipated events in the pup play community.

The International Puppy & Trainer Contest (IPTC) is meant to be the pinnacle of human-puppy play for the International Community. The contest, its’ producers, titleholders, and staff lead as an example of what it is to be of service to the puppy play community around the world. We understand that one of the ways we can achieve our mission is to provide a world class event for our community to gather and celebrate with each other while we choose our next title holders. 2023 was our triumphant return after the pandemic with a completely new staff and leadership. We celebrate that our first event back was incredibly successful. We kept the first year back small and manageable while we got our feet under us. This year our goal is to expand the IPTC event weekend to include more opportunities outside of the main contest events for our community to come together, learn, play, and grow. That’s where we need your help. 

Vendor Market

We will have several 10ft by 10ft vendor spaces available in the large open auditorium that also includes our mosh mats and where the show ring portion of the contest will be held. We expect that there will be a significant amount of foot traffic throughout the event (Thursday through Sunday) with the largest traffic during scheduled moshes, classes, and the show ring portion of the contest.

Vendor Hall Layout

Green: 10′ x 10′ Vendor Spaces (30 Spaces)

Red: Doorways (Keep Clear)

Yellow: Bar/Drinks for Purchase (Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Drinks)

Blue: Demo and Mosh Mat Space


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